What happens after launch?


Designing and launching your app is only the first stage - once it is live you will want to get the most out of it.

Native apps on iOS and Android need updating and re-releasing once or twice a year as the platforms require code updates by developers.  

This service is paid for by the monthly support and maintenance fee we charge from the moment the app goes live in the stores. We also fix any bugs which are our responsibility, and host your app's content and services.

You therefore have peace of mind that your app will continue to run for the fixed fee you are quoted on set-up.

We also recommend that apps are also actively updated for users - adding new features each year or half year. It is always best to start with the most simple app you can and then take advantage of those code update releases to drop in a new feature, or improve the navigation.


We hope you will also be talking to your users and monitoring the analytics to find ways to improve engagement. If a feature that you want to add already exists in Reptile it is likely to cost you very little to add it to your app during a routine update. 

If a feature does not exist and needs bespoke development we will quote you for the cost of the work. It is best if you can factor in those costs at the very start of the project by budgeting for a phased release of functionality and we can help you with planning that.