How to design and build a web app


With Reptile you can build a Native app for iOS and Android mobile devices, or a web app which is viewed in a desktop or mobile browser only. 

The choice is driven by the needs of your user and also the functions needed by your app. 

The great thing about Reptile is that it is possible to have both outputs  - just bear in mind that not all functions will be available in both platforms. A native app can do a lot of things a web app cannot do. 

Creating a web app is easy - you just need some content to start with. If you don't have any to hand choose one of our pre-set themes when you open your account and you will be able to build your web app initially around some dummy content.

Once you have uploaded, or chosen, your content you can customise the home screen, upload your logos and brand identity. Press publish and see your content on the Reptile domain ( 

If you want people to subscribe to your site, or pay for entry, you can connect Reptile to your CRM system (Reptile does not take money, or hold your customer data.) 

You can also change your domain to one that you already own by pointing your finished site to it ( 

And you can also add your own analytics account, or create a new one. 

If you want to add an app which displays the same content as your site just go through the same process within the App set-up tabs.

Content will then be shared across both mediums - web and app - and update simultaneously on both whenever you make a change or add something new.