Creating your app in Reptile


Reptile lets you quickly design and release a prototype version of an app so your clients can download and use it as a real app. Once signed-off the final version is built in your client's account and released to the stores.

When you create the prototype Reptile generates a Pin Code. Download the Reptile shell app from the stores, enter the Pin Code and you now have the app which you created. 

Any changes you make on the back-end will now be reflected in the app. You can continue to develop the app until you have sign-off.

At that stage we will create a copy of the app and publish it to the stores in your client's own account (they will have to open a developer account on the iOS and Android stores and do a simple bit of admin).  

If your app contains features which we do not currently have in the Reptile prototype app you can also create designs offline and send them to us. We will then advise you if we can build an app to meet your specifications, the costs and timetable.