How does Reptile work? 


There are three parties in the Reptile relationship. Your client - who is the most important;  you - who are our client; and us, the service provider.

If you use Reptile to build an app for a client it is entirely your decision what you tell them. Reptile is a complete white-label solution and we can sit silently behind the scenes and blend into your team. Or you can openly say to your client that you are working with us to fulfil their needs.

Whatever you decide, we will always keep any details of your business and your clients confidential - and we will never work with them directly. You can have that promise in any legally binding format you wish!

When it comes to scoping an app we believe that you can do all the discovery work directly with the client. You may have some questions for us, but all the initial discussions are likely to be between you and the client.

You will have a dedicated Key Account Manager who will be on-call at all times during this process. They will help you to position and sell the app to your clients if you wish. It is primarily to pay for their time that we charge a monthly Partner fee. 

Your Key Account Manager can reach out to the Reptile team to get answers on detailed questions such as integrations, app build questions and UX/UI.

If this amounts to more than a few questions it will be better that we provide an estimate for scoping the work with you. A technical scope produces a set of designs, a network diagram, a build timetable and costs. 

If you produce a scope for your client we will go over it in detail, maybe suggest some changes. With our expertise we may be able to help reduce the costs by choosing components and features which are already built. Often we also encourage clients to scale-back on the ambition of the first release and take a phased approach.

Our skill is to produce a cost and timetable which are accurate - so that you deliver on time and on budget. For that reason we will not sign-off on a scope until we have fully evaluated it and know that it is achievable. 

Once the app is completed and delivered we will charge the client a monthly fixed-price support and maintenance fee starting on the day the app goes live in the stores. 

This covers the licence for the code and guarantees that we will keep the app up-to-date with all code and component changes required by the iOS and Android stores. We will also fix any bugs arising from our work at no cost.

You can choose to pay these recurring monthly invoices yourself and then bill your client or we can bill the client directly for the support contract.

Just one thing to consider: we strongly recommend that the legal entity responsible for the app in the iOS and Android stores is the client. If your agency is the app owner you are legally responsible for it and will have to sign the various notifications the stores periodically send app owners.