A little about the Reptile team


We are a real company made up of real people. We started 17 years ago in the UK as The Digital Publishing Company (Digitalpc Ltd) offering software and services to publishers who wanted to go digital.

When we expanded into apps we created the brand Page Lizard (Pagelizard.com) and built our first platform. It was intended to be something our clients could login to use, but we used it primarily as an in-house tool.

Three years ago we re-wrote the whole platform from scratch, learning from our lessons how to make it something clients really could use themselves. With your feedback we will continue to improve it. 

We also decided that Reptile would work best if we stepped back from selling to clients directly and supported our Partners instead. Any leads which come into us we will pass on to our partners. 

Last year we opened a company in Europe (Reptil Digitalagentur GmbH) with an HQ in Austria. For 2021 -22 we will focus on growing our partner network in the DACH countries and the UK.

We will operate jointly from Austria and our UK headquarters just south of London. Our development team are based in Bulgaria. 

You will get to know us all in time, but in the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Graham Duffill,