Reptile overview


Thank you for joining the Reptile Partner Network we look forward to working with you!

There are many advantages of being a Reptile Partner, but the key one is that it enables you to offer your clients bespoke apps without needing your own developers.

These brief tutorials will explain some of the basic principles - and we will expand on them as we go. We will explain to you:

1. Who we are, where we are based and how to contact us

2. How does it work? What do we do, what do you need to do and how do we support you?

3. An overview of the app design tools and the process for designing and creating an app for your clients

4. An overview of the web app tools and how you can create web apps for your clients (you have three included in your partner subscription)

5. And how the business-model works, including how we support you and your clients after the first app is launched

We look forward to building something great together!

The Reptile Team