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Video steals the show

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By Josh / May 25, 2021

Publishers are prioritising video as an immersive format to capture (and hold) the attention of their audiences. The ease of embedding video into communication tools, such as apps, means that the investment of video pays off exponentially.

Video as an emerging format

All eyes on digitala white paper published by the Association for Online Publishing (AOP), describes the adoption of video to be in its “early days”. Although an emerging format for revenue, it is a prevalent feature in the life of consumers.

According to the AOP, 71% of consumers in the UK watch video on their devices on a daily basis. As video has become an increasingly fundamental part of everyday life, content publishers are taking advantage of using the format to engage with audiences on a deeper level. Video is incorporated via adverts, introduction videos and case studies.

content census conducted by AOP revealed that mobile and videos were top priorities for publishers. Additional takeaways included:

These figures show that publishers understand the demand for video, and they are aware of the technical challenges that are faced with video content. So, why is the demand for video content so high?

Video creates a coherent and engaged experience

Audience attention spans continue to shorten. Engaging and captivating video is necessary to hold attention.

Micro-videos (10-30 seconds long) are frequently consumed with heightened engagement. This is an effective way of connecting with your audience in a ‘live’ way. Video is introducing a new era of communication and it fits seamlessly in the format of apps. 

Publishers who are prepared to invest in video as an emerging format ensure that they are aligning their digital strategy with the future of digital publishing and meeting audience demand.

Advantages of video

Add your videos to your digital publishing strategy

Page Lizard’s bespoke apps and web viewers offer the opportunity to embed video in the platform and engage with your audience on heightened level.

If you want to change your communication strategy and improve engagement with your members and audience, give us a call today to discuss how our digital publishing tools can work for you.

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